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This Site will currently be closing down on 29 Sep 2015. Read more details HERE
We are also looking for homes for some of our old equipment.  Read more details HERE.
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Camberley Skaters FAQ

There is a lot of information on this site, especially discussed in the forums so these pages are here to be a guide to all the information you should want to know. If there is a subject that is missing then you can submit one yourself, check out the Contribute to this site FAQ entry.

  • Places to skate  ( 10 items )
    There are many places that you can skate, the hard part is finding them! Here are a list of places that you can skate on a regular basis, some as organised events and some hidden locations you can try out.

  • Events  ( 6 items )
    There are a number of skating events throughout the year from marathons to weekends away. These cover a much wider area and also tend to be world wide.

  • Equipment  ( 11 items )
    Skating equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. Here you can find reviews as well as advice on buying and how to maintain your equipment.

  • Reviews  ( 2 items )
    Reviews of equipment, courses and anything else that can be reviewed!

  • This Website  ( 5 items )
    How to get the most out of this site.

Goodwood Roller Marathon
Camberley Skaters are proud organisers of the Goodwood Roller Marathon
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