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Beginners guide to Speed Wobble PDF Print
Written by Elric   
Saturday, 24 May 2008

What is speed wobble?
What about Rockering?
How do I stop it?

If you still donít feel confident then please ask either on the forums or ask next time you visit us, please see the calendar for more information.

What is Speed Wobble?
I am not sure what the correct terminology is but decided that wheel wobble was not apt because that normally refers to unbalanced wheels on something like a car. So speed wobble it is until someone can tell me the right wording.

Speed wobble is the scary feeling you get from your skates when travelling faster than your comfort zone and it feels like a sort of fishtailing in a car, youíre probably going to first start feeling it while travelling downhill where a faster speed can be achieved. Two things will probably happen the first time you feel it, first youíre probably going to straighten and stand up and second youíre probably going to panic or tense up, both of these are going to make the situation worse.

What about Rockering?
Rockered skates are going to be less stable at higher speeds and so to assist the elimination of speed wobble you want a flat setup and a longer frame size.

How do I stop it?
There are three things that will help you overcome speed wobble:
  1. Bend your knees.
  2. Position your weight.
  3. Confidence.
Bend your knees. Yes once again your being told to bend your knees and also tuck yourself down by placing your hands on your knees, you donít need super bent knees or a flat back etc unless you really do want more speed but lowering your center of gravity will keep you safer.

Position your weight. You should position your weight over you heels and in doing so your weight will leave your toes, your toes should now have no weight on them and possibly will float up and bump the top inside of your boot. As a guide your ankle angle should be at 90 degrees. Try to keep some concentration on your heels otherwise your weight will unconsciously creep forwards. Keep your feet shoulder width apart and parallel.

Confidence. Once again youíre being told the same thing you always get told and every time you successfully control your speed wobble you will gain more confidence and with every little extra confidence you will relax more and be even more successful.

Just remember 3 things:
  1. Donít panic (if you donít remember this then you wonít remember anything else).
  2. Bend.
  3. Weight.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 24 May 2008 )
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