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Roller Derby Drills PDF Print
Written by Vix   
Thursday, 08 July 2010

Skating round track, jump over lines

Skating round track- squatting on lines

5 min sprint (25 laps to pass basic skills assessment)

2 lap sprints

5 lap sprints

Skating round track, one foot glides on straights- alternating legs

Skating round track moving from inside of track to outside of track (sort of slaloming)

Skating swizzles

Skating in figure of 8ís

Skating swizzles round track holding ankles with knees bent (really good for building up top of leg strength)

Changing directions

Gliding with scissored feet


Plough stops

One foot plough stops



Pace line (arms length gap between each person) weaving in and out from back to front and then front to back

Pace line (arms length gap between each person) weaving in and out in pairs holding hands taking it in turn to lead through the line, back to front and then front to back


10 min endurance training- 1 min skate then 1 min of squats, lunges, sit ups, plank, crunch repeat.


Train- person at front pulls train, everyone else pulled along while standing up


Running starts (only if have toe stops)


If wearing PADS!

One knee falls alternating knees

Two knee falls

4 point falls (need knee, wrist and elbow pads)

One knee falls, change directions


General games:

Dodge ball

Stuck in the mud (not sure re this one as have seen some nasty falls)

Relay races

Cat and mouse

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 08 July 2010 )
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